What Makes Us Different

Clinical focus. Medical staffing is more than just a business to us. The bottom line is quality patient care, and we gear everything toward that goal. Our mission is to provide the highest possible quality of patient care and the highest possible level of customer service. For both our professionals and our clients, we are firmly committed to superior service and complete satisfaction.

Established record of excellence. For over 17 years – and over a million clinical hours - hospitals, nurses and other healthcare professionals and facilities have consistently rated us at or near the top of the industry for staffing companies in Michigan.

Optimal carries the Joint Commission’s Certification for Health Care Staffing Services. You have the right to report any safety or quality care concerns to the Joint Commission without fear of retribution by calling 800-994-6610, faxing 630-792-5636 or by emailing complaint@jointcommission.org.

Outstanding assignments, pay and benefits. Our pay and benefits consistently rank at or near the top of the industry, not to mention our scheduling flexibility, personal attention, and the other perks we offer our professionals. Our clinical managers and office staff are always available to support our clinical staff and client facilities.