Some Comments from Clients and Employees:

“I appreciate the professionalism of your staff and the organization as a whole.”

“The best agency I have ever worked with.”

“You are great to work with. Thank you for all the extra effort.”

“The only agency I want to use. Your staff are flexible, compassionate, knowledgeable and considerate – team players. Thank you for an excellently-run company.”

“Your customer service is extraordinary. Everyone is professional, courteous, thoughtful and patient. Optimal is the only agency I will use.”

“You’ve done an outstanding job of staffing Kobe’s care. Optimal is the best agency we’ve ever worked with.”

“I have been a nurse for 25 years. For the past few years I have been working with Optimal as a homecare nurse. It has been such a wonderful experience. Optimal office staff is so friendly. They always greet me with a warm smile and cheerful conversation. The staff is competent and will readily assist their employees whenever needed yet do not attempt to micromanage. I am proud to say I work for Optimal Medical Staffing.”

“Optimal Staffing is the best organization I’ve ever worked for.”

“Optimal is a friendly and warm company that reminds me of my family. The staff are experienced, organized, and well equipped to meet the needs of their clients. I know first hand that Optimal staff are willing to go the extra mile; there is security in knowing that a loved one will receive an excellent standard of care. I stand behind the exceptional quality of Optimal employees, and there is no other company that I would trust with my family.”

“It is with pleasure that I report my experience with Optimal Medical Staffing as exceptional. I am an attorney and public guardian in Clinton County Michigan. My practice provides guardian and conservator services to developmentally disabled and legally incapacitated individuals. In particular, I have several cases of traumatic brain injury/closed head injury that are complicated and delicate to manage. My fiduciary responsibilities include hiring and scheduling medical staff, aides and providers to meet the needs of each client. Optimal Staffing is my first choice to execute these needs.

Optimal Staff has been an ideal source for the constant changing and multiple medical and living support needs for each client I serve. The staff has been professional, prompt and efficient in each task requested of them. I am confident that they can manage my case needs, adjust when necessary or requested and develop rapport with clients and family of clients. Optimal team members have proven to be current on pharmaceutical practices and have knowledge and resources necessary to provide competent direct care.

I am always impressed by the personal care each person receives. Optimal staff communicates timely and effectively to meet and exceed expectation for case care. The office utilizes current communications means to provide efficient information delivery. Staff is quick to answer inquiries, respond to changes and perform services as needed. Billing and scheduling services have never been an issue. Staff attends care conferences and planning meetings to stay current on case needs and outcome expectation.”

“Higgs and Associates Inc. has had the pleasure of working in coordination with Optimal Medical Staffing in Lansing Michigan for approximately two years. Our case managers and administrative staff work closely with the nursing staff, attendant care staff and administrative staff at Optimal Medical Staffing to coordinate care for individuals who have significant physical, cognitive and emotional injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, birth defects and other injuries.

In my 25 plus years of providing case manager services, I have never worked with a company that provides higher quality services than Optimal Medical Staffing. The nursing services are excellent. Their ability to provide continuity of care and close communication with the patients’ physicians as well as case managers and other team members has been excellent. The attendant care services provided by their aides has also been excellent. The willingness and ability of the management to match specific patients with attendant care providers who not only provide the services needed, but also do so with a caring, loving attitude, is most impressive and has been helpful for all of our mutual patients.

I highly recommend Optimal Medical Staffing for nursing care, attendant care, medication management and other services as needed. Working with Optimal Medical Staffing has truly been one of the best experiences for the patients I work with and our office.”

“I have had the pleasure to know and work with Heather L Kluemper, Nursing Supervisor, and her team of nurses and aides with Optimal Medical Staffing for the past 3 years . We have worked together as colleagues in a peer relationship serving patients in the geographic region of Lansing, Michigan. My direct experience has been in serving mutual patients with a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other neurological condition. Ms. Kluemper and her team have become my “go-to” home care agency for neuro related care as well as for those in need of traditional home care services.

In my experience the Optimal Medical Staffing aides and nurses represents themselves and Optimal very well in their professional demeanor, generous rapport with patients and families, individualized training to care plans, and attention to complex cognitive, behavioral, and physical needs of the patients and families served.

I am confident in referring to Heather L Kluemper and Optimal Medical Staffing to the patients and families I serve, and I am confident the same quality I observe would be carried out to meet standards of their accrediting bodies and agencies.”